Neighbour DisputesBoundary Disputes

From time to time neighbours disagree about the position of a boundary. PASS Consultants can help to agree the boundary position based on the deeds, Ordnance Survey maps and site measurements.

Access to Neighbouring Land

The Access to Neighbouring Land Act gives a landowner rights to carry out maintenance to his property from a neighbours land. We can give advice on how to obtain access if a neighbour is being difficult.

Rights of Light

Some proposed developments can affect the light available into a neighbouring property. It is often difficult to prevent a development going ahead, but in some cases a payment might be made by the Developer to the neighbour for the loss of light. We at PASS Consultants can advise on the loss of light and negotiate the appropriate payment for that loss.

Rights of Way

When owning a property, it is important to know the location of the boundaries and who is responsible for these. The deeds of the property will normally provide these details, but on occasions the actual boundary positions may have been altered following the construction of an extension or other building and in some instances the boundary fences themselves can have been relocated. We can check the boundary positions with reference to the ordnance survey map, deeds and site measurements.

Many properties have rights of way leading to them or across their gardens. These should be detailed within the deeds, but where there is uncertainty; PASS Consultants can advise on this again with reference to the deeds, ordnance survey maps and site survey


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Neighbour Disputes
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